Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Cemetery property is not a “ want “ product; it is a “ need “ product. Last year in the United States there were 2,355,000 deaths and the number will grow to over 4,000,000 in the year 2040. This means that at least two and a half million families will deal with this “need” product every year.

The very first course of action is to contact the cemetery where the plots are located. Ask to speak with a sales counselor or transfer agent to notify of your intention to sell and have “Change of Ownership” forms mailed to you in advance. Having the proper documentation beforehand will serve to expedite the transfer process. Oftentimes, a buyer will need your plot immediately. Seek the advice of cemetery personnel to provide the steps necessary in order to satisfy their specific transfer requirements. The exchange of title and payment between buyer and seller is a private matter. However, be advised that experienced third party services (working for the benefit of both parties) do exist visit

A reasonable rule of thumb is to establish a price based upon 70% of the cemetery’s going price – be willing to negotiate with buyers. Another factor for consideration is how much does the cemetery charge for comparable plots in their least expensive price range, including discounts. Your pricing strategy should vary depending upon the popularity of the cemetery.

No. There are no commissions or hidden fees for listing your cemetery property for sale on However, there are usually cemetery charges for quit-claiming ownership to another person. Cemeteries often charge between $100-$300 for paperwork and processing for each new certificate issued. The buyer and seller should agree ahead of time on who will pay this fee. We recommend this be stated in the ad, but if it is not clearly stated, the buyer should inquire in advance of purchase.

Yes. Most cemeteries have fees because they have to change their ownership records, their lot and block cards, their map books, etc. It can be paid by either the buyer or seller, which is your choice. is a classified ad and marketing platform. We drive interested parties to contact the owner to arrange for the sale and transfer of ownership. Many states in the US require a Broker license to facilitate the sell of cemetery property, for this reason is not be a middle man. We simply list for sale properties and match buyers with sellers. All transactions happen off of our website platform.

Simply put, we are your best option.  Listing your burial property for sale is easy, affordable and effective!  Plus, we have a sophisticated marketing program to drive traffic to our site and our subscribers’ ads.  If you want to sell your plots fast, without paying a small fortune to do so, there is no better place to be.  Click here to get started.

That’s easy!

  1. Go to the Home Screen.
  2. Click the green “Sell Property” button.
  3. Pick either the Free or Pro plan.
  4. On the next screen, click the Register link. Then, enter a Username and Email address.
  5. Create an ad, load an image (if applicable) and select an Ad Package.  Click the green “Continue” button.

That’s it.  It’s really that easy.  5 quick steps and your cemetery plots are listed for sale online where everyone can see.  One important tip is to save your username and password somewhere you will remember, as you will need it to log-in, in case you ever want to change your ad.

A very common mistake people make when trying to log-in is that they enter their email address instead of their username.  If you are having trouble logging in, make sure you have the correct username and password.

Congratulations!  That was the whole point, right?  Once you’ve found a buyer for your cemetery spaces, you will need to have the cemetery personnel assist you with the “Transfer of Interment Rights.”  Many cemeteries will refer to this as a “Deed Transfer.”  They will have a simple form (or forms, depending on which state the cemetery is located in) to have you sign.  If you are not local and are unable to sign in in the presence of a cemetery representative, many cemeteries will require you to have the documents notarized.  If this is the case, we recommend that you request these documents in advance.  This helps to speed up the process when you do find a buyer.

Of course.  You can modify your ad at any time, day or night.  You can add or remove your phone number or you can change or correct the verbiage in your ad.  You can add or change photos.  You can even upgrade your ad to a premium listing at any time.

IMPORTANT!  Before you exchange any money for burial property or other goods/services, be sure to have help from the personnel at the cemetery where you are purchasing the cemetery property for.  You will want to be sure the seller actually does own the property.  You will also want to be sure the seller has the right to sell the property.  In many cases, when cemetery property is being sold by owner, it is because the seller has inherited the property from a relative and there may be others (siblings?) who have a share in the ownership.  By asking the cemetery personnel to look into it first, you avoid the risk of purchasing the plots, niche or crypt and then having a nightmare trying to get it transferred.  Hopefully, the seller will have done his/her due diligence before posting the ad and will have all their ducks in a row.